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  1. Pushing

    So a conversation came up today, I just wanted to ask. Since again... *cough cough* excuse me. rules seems to have change. Is there anyway the players of this down to earth game. Can get a better outline from the head champion himself(@Captain Kumquat).. oh wait no it's the other one @CaptC...
  2. Hall of fame

    Hall of fame is for the members that was in the tribe when they won the world at 80 right? that was always the case in the past. There are members in that hall of fame that are not even in THC still before the 80 percent om.
  3. Open for a day

    This world been opening for a day.. but I don't see anything here for challages or anything? not doing anything for this world? Be nice if this was out before the world started.. might grab players attentions to come play the world.
  4. Harassment/Trash talk

    what is the difference and were do you drawn the line? don't want to insult a player cause they took trash talking too serious.
  5. massing mail

    since you would only discussion one for the other thread, what is consider mass mailing?
  6. What is harassment/mass mailing

    so it seem that the harassment and mass mailing rules has change. So I feel like the mods own a updated for these rules. So can you please post what each one is considered? If your going to change rules only fair that the players know.
  7. international woman's day

    who came up with this IDEA for the wheel to come out? it makes no sense. also its a day not a whole weekend. *International women's day