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  1. Hall of fame

    Cap didn't know, misunderstood, or was told incorrectly what our normal 80% win feature currently was and ended up calling it at 70%. In my opinion he misunderstood that domination starts at 70% and is won at 80%. He later found out that we normally call it at 80% and said he would call all...
  2. Hall of fame

    The above statement was made at 70% which is when all players consider a tribe being declared the winners. Inno always seems to wait a week or so after the announcement is made to officially declare them winners and award crowns. Then they wait until the next new world opens to close the old...
  3. Hall of fame

    THC never reached 80% on this world. A winner was declared on this world at 70%, not 80%. Not sure if that changes the hall of fame list you are referring to Panterraa, but didn't know if you were aware of that or not.
  4. Domination reached by THC!

    Ah so just this world then. Thanks for clarifying cap.
  5. Domination reached by THC!

    THC now has the distinction of being the first tribe ever, after 37 US worlds, to be declared winners on a domination world before reaching the required 80%. Therefore I believe from this point forward 70% is all that is required to win a domination world. If this is truly the case cap, then you...
  6. Domination reached by THC!

    THC at 77% today
  7. Domination reached by THC!

    I'm still going to keep tracking and posting until 80% is reached regardless of any rewards being handed out. I'm not here for rewards.
  8. Domination reached by THC!

    THC is at 77%
  9. Domination reached by THC!

    Fair enough and they appear to be at 76% so it shouldn't be but a couple of more days anyway. Glad for the clarification and response to my question. I'll leave the thread alone now lol.
  10. Domination reached by THC!

    I really wish you could properly comprehend things saboteur. Asking a question is not classified as a complaint. I was not complaining about caps decision, i was asking when the rules changed. i was not stating that Inno is not allowed to change the rules, they are allowed to change them anytime...
  11. Domination reached by THC!

    October 18, 2014 was the first reference i could find for it cap. This is how it's been done ever since then. It only took me about 30 seconds to search the forums for the word domination and go to the earliest reference. It shouldn't take nearly a week to get clarification on what criteria a...
  12. Domination reached by THC!

    saboteur not sabateur, what was your opinion in your post since you state your post was you stating your opinion? what did you want to discuss in your post since you state forums are for discussions? was your post to announce THC as winners since you state that was what this thread was created...
  13. Domination reached by THC!

    what do you think i was complaining about sabateur? i think you misread my post. i said i wanted to know when the rule changed and where it's posted so i know when it changed and where to reference it at in the future. this information is important for future worlds, not this world. please...
  14. Domination reached by THC!

    Been three days now cap. You must have an answer by now, right?
  15. Domination reached by THC!

    Any word back yet cap. It's been two days
  16. Domination reached by THC!

    When did the rules change capt? It was always domination starts at 70% and victory is achieved at 80%, not at the end of the week. Not that it matters that much but i would like to know when exactly the rule changed since i missed it somewhere. Please let me know. Thanks
  17. End Landskrona please?

    According to Cap this world should have closed on 7/15
  18. End Landskrona please?

    If this world is closed then the forum needs moved to the closed realms.
  19. Olavinlinna Realm Competitions

    The title says "Domination World started July 2, 2019". So is this still a vp world even though the title still says it's a dom world?
  20. Opinion on 50 members challenge

    Who is NBK? I don't see them on this world.