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  1. Rupea Realm Competitions

    First of all, should you really be talking about crowns right now. We know how much you enjoy funding our good friends at Inno. and for the main point, seeing how you acted on the previous world maybe joining a tribe of noobs to teach them isn't the correct route as you just placed a HUGE target...
  2. Rupea Realm Competitions

    So your idea of fun is mass recruiting 100 members in the first two weeks so the fight is balanced? You also expect other tribes to not do the same thing and instead fight 40v100. If you wanted to do what you were saying you wouldn't recruit the whole map and put a huge target on your tribes back.
  3. Trash Talk etc

    IKO chats " If wE jUsT rEcRuIT tHe WhOlE mAp We WiN"
  4. Rupea Realm Competitions

    @CaptC Can you clarify, the first post said 1500 points, this one said 2000.
  5. Queen's Sconce Rules and Realm Competitions

    RUB taking home all the crowns
  6. Power Ranking and Predictions

    Here's a screen share from my CO-OP aka player 13 that you said was inactive and was being handled by his co-op. Seems to be making coins to me. Just because someone isn't going hard when the world is over doesn't mean they are inactive.
  7. Queen's Sconce Rules and Realm Competitions

    @CaptC I'm guessing we need to wait until someone else figures out this is still a challenge to get crowns. right?
  8. Queen's Sconce Rules and Realm Competitions

    Better image of 200 cats
  9. Power Ranking and Predictions

    Still doubting US I see
  10. WIN Propaganda Thread

    Life happens man, you don't know what people got going on.
  11. Competition Don't Forget The Fathers!

    The evening sun was on the way down, the troops of Black Temple finished their training for the day, the soldiers were worn out after a hard day reforming their tactics. The evening beers were being served in the tavern as they were served every normal day. Paul sensed differently, Paul who was...
  12. Power Ranking and Predictions

    I ran out of coffee halfway through this.......