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  1. battlegod

    Competition Don't Forget The Fathers!

    Hello all. I would like to first say Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there. 3 kids myself. A RL story about my kids. I have 2 boys and a girl. all are 17 and older. We have an ongoing joke about none being mine though, I have said for years that my oldest sons dad is the mail
  2. battlegod

    Using a CDN

    i got a suggestion but Beez would get mad at me
  3. battlegod

    New Issue Login Problem with mac firefox

    thats odd but how is this...there are bunch of us that cant even log onto Beta world...cant even contact support bc you cant log on
  4. battlegod

    Mosteiro da Batalha Realm Competition

    Listen everyone. The game is a good game. And although there are coiners that i feel abuse it, it isnt cheating to coin up a village or tribe. It does however kill moral for those that dont do this or dont coin but a little. The TW2 game is loosing its pull to new players and older plaers. only...
  5. battlegod

    TW2 Tools

    they figure why purchase something for a dyeing horse
  6. battlegod

    Declining Number of players each world

    i know in my tribe alone i have players from all over the world. Canada, UK, Austrailia, i have played with players from germany and new Zealand as well as India. if that helps on why they do not do this then your welcome. If it doesnt then i can explain.
  7. battlegod

    Recent development analysis/prediction of the future

    Kick them all...kick them all!!!!:D:D:D
  8. battlegod

    2000 VP is too much

    i have never said you do not communicate and your not good players. And you will never here me say it. but i do have eyes and ears in almost every tribe in this world. from what i am told you communicate very well and your ops are outstanding. My tribe are a mix of noobs and vets we teach the...
  9. battlegod

    2000 VP is too much

    crushem, when a tribe jumps out of no where and in three days with less than 40 players is at a level 29 and all there vills suddenly have an average of 2800pts with nukes popping up dialy from all over. then your money should win the world. i had 4-5 players that got tired of what we call...
  10. battlegod

    Recent development analysis/prediction of the future

    ban him anyways..permanent a cheater is a cheater. done it 20 times will do it 21times
  11. battlegod

    VP or Domination

    as i thought. it sucks. bad enough we got three tribes spending outrageous amounts of money but it is takig forever for those that dont coin to get resources. i actually spent my first on crowns in 2yrs. 20 bucks didnt kill me but my wife almost did. i farmed for 14yrs straight. never without...
  12. battlegod

    My Favorite Farm

    i poked a bear hurt when it poked back
  13. battlegod

    VP or Domination

    you aint seen nuttin yet
  14. battlegod

    2000 VP is too much

    VP worlds got a bad rap to begin with and it made it to where players are not joining or staying if they do. so the worlds seem to be smaller. this makes it a little harder to get those VP. players in a tribe need to understamd that 1-2 players in province isnt going to work. you need at least...
  15. battlegod

    VP or Domination

    Kiki you could give the first player to be rimmed 1k crowns....but it has to be from someone outside of your tribe? Nah someone will start a second account and rim themselves for the crowns anyways
  16. battlegod

    VP or Domination

    yeah we want to know :)
  17. battlegod

    Recent development analysis/prediction of the future

    in game or forum...i have never had a problem with him. didnt send PMs that were obnoxious or anything. even sent a message once congradulating a few of us on stopping him from taking some vills he wanted.
  18. battlegod

    Recent development analysis/prediction of the future

    it isnt as bad as Z but close. but i have fun where ever i go so it doesnt matter to me
  19. battlegod

    Summer 2018

    i dont mind the gwend shooting range. i do think that the buying of more shots could be dismissed. If Inno wants to make money at it then keep the option of reseting the wheel to get better options. sure there are some that would keep going to get nobles up and try to shoot at it
  20. battlegod

    Recent development analysis/prediction of the future

    Lord Teja is an honorable foe. plays great and takes you out with respect as long as you battle him and dont just quit on defending yourself. I wish there were more like him playing. Not positive but i do think he is probably the most honorable player in the game