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    is this an unofficial announcement?!

    Innogames is going to get rich ;)
  3. Solutions to help fight abuse and cheating.

    You know what would help the game? A farming script allowed by tw2, same as tw1 allowed it. People do nt leave because of scripting, farm scripts only go so far. Biggest reason imo people quit is because of people rerolling and buying all legendary unit deals, and as soon as the protection ends...

    Not defending anyone, just stating facts :)

    Yfw he was the only one in IKO :)
  6. Rupea Realm Competitions

    I like how O.P hands out battle calcs, runs calcs last minute for the less experienced, demands the usage of discord since it's infinite times better, and even has in depth guides they are handing out to the new players, which literally covers everything this game has to offer.
  7. Rupea Realm Competitions

    Savage as hell
  8. Power Ranking and Predictions

    YES REPORT THEM!!! AND THEN GET TOLD TO AVOID CONTACT and nothing gets done about it
  9. Power Ranking and Predictions

    I get what they mean, but how are you supposed to avoid it if it literally shows on the map, is in a tribe, is on a leaderboard? Very confused as to why this is even allowed in the firstplace, I know people got perma banned on other servers that had a german general as name.
  10. Power Ranking and Predictions

    Butvu know, after reporting you are supposed to "avoid contact" how the hell are you supposed to do that even?
  11. Power Ranking and Predictions

    Sigh... Your nazi guy is inactive but being used, not a rumor, a fact. You have 8 active people(We know who), multiple players that quit, and the rest is semi active. You can talk cheating if you have a clear conscience :) Also, the fact you keep a guy with a name / village names like that...
  12. Power Ranking and Predictions

    No, this game is about teamwork ;) PS: Go check EN server stats before claiming coop abuse like a baby, literally 90% of the team here has been together for several worlds. Also, most worlds we win is with 40 ish members, coincidence that we are at 40 now? hm...
  13. Power Ranking and Predictions

    what does this even mean? Im 200% sure you have no clue who i am, or the majority of GOD Also sledge does alot in this tribe, the game isn't about dbp / obp / points really, and if you do think so its obvious you can't ever win a world against good players.
  14. Power Ranking and Predictions

    AtLeAsT gOd dIdNt WiN WiTh 35 mEmBeRs honestly, the 2k we get for that vs the ammount spent total... not worth it
  15. Power Ranking and Predictions

    Stop talking and go send some nukes at Andraus please. Also, i'd like to be in a province with you on a new world, see if someone can finally break my 100% winrate.... Doubt it tho, 2 worlds already it's been 4v1... and I stil have a 100% winrate ;)
  16. Power Ranking and Predictions

    You should know that a man with the power of nature can bring you to the end of your luck. And you should know by my stride and the look in my eyes, that you are about to massively forced to give up. CHICKEN ATTACK! CHICKEN ATTACK! Watch your back before it fades to black, they might look...
  17. Power Ranking and Predictions

    I mean, have have a conversations where he asked to get i vited with some of his players to steamroll the world, and if he didnt get an invite, he would call it quits. Last message was him saying how amazed hr was we woulsnt imvite him when he would pay ALOT of money.... But hey, some people...
  18. Power Ranking and Predictions

    Didn't I make 4 of your tribe mates respawn, and make Empo quit because he's a smart guy?
  19. Power Ranking and Predictions

    I like how you shit talk first, I have the better (factual) comebacks, and you post this, no suprise you dont have smart plays :)
  20. Power Ranking and Predictions

    I mean, playing against god mode computers is pretty easy, i've done it alot. but I suppose this is the wrong world for smart plays ;)