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  1. PlunderingYouDaily

    Gandalf - Senior Moderator

    Good days fellow players. My name is Justin, I am one of your senior moderators. I work a lot of hours but I'm always around to help when needed. Do you ever have a question or just need to talk my line is always free. My goal as senior moderator is to ensure me and my team do everything in our...
  2. PlunderingYouDaily

    The Anticipation!

    I am excited to see TW2 growing and see another world open on US. I will also be a MOD for this world. If anyone has question/comment or just wanna shoot the wind. Feel free to message me. GLHF
  3. PlunderingYouDaily

    Reported Can not set presets on ios

    I have noticed a lot of repeated tickets in this issue. to save us all time. It is currently known to the developers and will be fixed in a timely manner. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you can log into a desktop/laptop on you will be able to set presets! Once...
  4. PlunderingYouDaily

    troop control

    I understand when i send someone else support they can't use them to attack. When i send MY OWN villages support I should be able to have control of them as an attack force. ex: village 1 sends villages 2; 10 axe, 100 swords, 100 mounted archers, 37 LC Now village 2 can take said troops...