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  1. Tribe Domination - Vote

    Voting ended yesterday
  2. Reported Error when app opens

    Every time I log into the app an error pops up saying "You don't have the second village active". I have multiple villages so I know I'm not getting a second village. It happens in all worlds I play in.
  3. Server Down Again?

    I can't log in via the desktop but I can via the Android app. *Edit: now it's back on the desktop.
  4. Closed Tribal Wars 2 Word Search

    Paladin Headquarters Tavern Catapult Berserker Academy Barracks Nobleman Spearman Warehouse Timber Archer
  5. Closed Tribal Wars 2 Jeopardy

    Q: What can be used to generate your army presets? A: Rally Point Q: Structure that will allow you to invite and host a formidable warrior? A: Statue Q: A measurement of your performance? A: Achievement Q: Place where you store items and rewards? A: Inventory Q: A group of united players? A...
  6. Closed Easter Egg Hunt

  7. Closed Easter Egg Hunt

  8. Closed Easter Egg Hunt

  9. Closed Easter Egg Hunt

  10. Closed Easter Egg Hunt