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  1. Usary

    Tribe Domination - Vote

    So the voting has ended with an overwhelming YES. What happens now??
  2. Usary

    Answered Winning a World

    Apparently not much. We are up to 82% now with no change to the game. A lot of us are getting antsy here. What gives??
  3. Usary

    Answered Winning a World

    Yeah, DAM has hit 80% on US Eremitage. What happens now???
  4. Usary

    Trouble logging on?

    OMG, my nobles need their coins!! They are gonna starve without them. I gotta get back to farmin' them Barbs! ;)
  5. Usary

    Trouble logging on?

    same issue here. looks like the servers are down for a bit.
  6. Usary


    Hey gang, relatively new player here. Lovin' it so far! Shout out to Necromonger and DericDraco who posted above... I was Air Force from '81 to '89 at Pope AFB/ Ft. Bragg and airlifted the 82nd Ariborne.