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    Elements has written:Look, I'm sorry. I misunderstood his situation. Elements has written:If you want the villa, take it. I'd rather not make any more enemies rn.

    Game is unplayable. Spy counters going the wrong way. Have to click on a village 3-5 times to get any attack to go. Support not working. Half the village don't even show up as your village, have to click on them several times to make them recognize it as your villages. Not worth it. Also...

    lol, I am sending out 3 spies at villages allot lately. One out of about 6 groups actually landed in the correct order. Luckily the player isn't building spies.
  4. Competition discussion thread

    How about a lottery were we pick dates they will fix the new bugs and bans? Could be fun., sorry couldn't help it.
  5. Farewell message

    Don't worry I don't give out personal info. with out permission. He won't want to talk to you anymore. You just proved what kind of person you are. We are trying to save his villages in hopes that they get things sorted out and fix things we can at least let him start where he was at. You...
  6. Farewell message

    My brothers email is kenalan62@gmail.com let him know when it is up and running. He may be interested.
  7. Farewell message

    So basically we can abuse our customer base all we want and if you talk about it in forum, it might effect our bottom line, so it isn't allowed. Am I reading that right, just curious?
  8. No More Excuses

    Tried to send a message to a player now. I got the "you aren't large enough to send a message". I think I am a little larger then that message was intended we;; over 10K.
  9. No More Excuses

    Wow, to ensure it has actually been resolved. Nobody is paying any attention. You lost some of your oldest players to this bug as support assumed they were all lying and cheaters, I guess this game really is done.
  10. Farewell message

    I was going to pass that on, but don't see a game called medieval storms with a google search. Probably doing something wrong?
  11. Reported Issue fixed

    It was mentioned in Aethaeryn's message "Weird thing on Learne" I believe. It was the day before everything fell apart. He had one spy hit 10 minutes later and one get home I think he said 15? minutes later. I would have to go look. I would quit sending troops and spies for awhile, not worth...
  12. Reported Issue fixed

    The game is almost unplayable right now. Gray villages turning orange when you click on them, My villages turning the color of the tribe and I have to click on them twice to get it to acknowledge it is my village again. If the game can't even discern the type of village since the update, how...