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  1. New End Game

    I will reiterate that towers, fortresses or anything like that will be a good endgame. Otherwise dont change anything. The new system is the opposite of anything the community will want
  2. New End Game

    Cokky's idea was the best. It seems you cant provide this. You can delete this post if you like. It seems the 2 new us and en worlds are dead on arrival with no good players joining. Please remove this new endgame on the next worlds opening. Advertise and figure out a good endgame after. All the...
  3. New world and how victory points effects it.

    So first world with victory points. 500 players as i post which seems a very slow start. I checked on mobile and no mention of the new system. Considering mobile is the best place for growth in a game like this id imagine many new players will be very confused. Im interested to see if anyone can...
  4. Release 1.85

    Kik can you maybe give some pros to this new system? I am rather sad us25 seems to be my last world. Still literally baffled
  5. Release 1.85

    I do played an EN world at one time. Literally said we are not accepting new users at this time.
  6. Release 1.85

    So i just checked out EN forums and tried to login/register and they have made it so "new" players cant join. Hilarious as there has been a positive post or too with no explanation as to why this is good. I really would like to hear some sort of argument for this change. Anyone? Please what am I...
  7. Release 1.85

    Truth dreg. I had high hopes and probably spent too long on this game. Sad that i spent so much time expecting good changes but still had fun with what we had.
  8. Release 1.85

    Its almost amusing as all of their reasons for warning you dont apply to your post in any way
  9. Release 1.85

    Hey bravo to inno i guess though. I registered for forums because of this change despite playing since us10. Grats on creating more community feedback....i guess.
  10. Release 1.85

    Wow that is unbelievable. Can you link the the thread? Im curious as to what they think though i can imagine its similar to here.
  11. Release 1.85

    Honestly I would really just like to hear the reasons this was considered a good idea. I understand games change but this takes any advantage to skill out of the game. There is no reason to take lots of villages or be good at attacking or defending. It just matters how many coops you have and...
  12. Release 1.85

    I am honestly completely baffled as to how this terrible idea couls have gotten out of testing. It basically promotes gameplay that every veteran has complained about in the past and totally disregards disregards the communities input. Barb munching - check. 200 member MRTs - check. Having many...