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  1. Configurations Feedback (Arundel)

    If relocation is inactive I will join.
  2. General Discussion Zouch Castle (US52)

    Are there any monthly crown competitions for this world?
  3. Domination reached

    You mean duck duck goose not ext right?
  4. Domination reached

  5. Domination reached

    Am I the one that would meme them to death? Lol i did it once this world.
  6. Domination reached

    Nah it wasn't about winning for maxi we were just looking for an end to the world win or lose no salt you all played great. It was actually his plan to disband. You have to admit that was super anti climactic after all the planning. You had to laugh at least a little bit right? I'm just here to...
  7. Domination reached

    Love to know what inno made on this world. Any guesses? I'm guessing $15k usd
  8. Domination reached

    Sorry funtime you wont ever see the real raffi back in action it's been a pleasure my friend.
  9. Domination reached

    We wanted to recruit to end win or lose. We talked about coming over there before hand and disbanding. You guys coming over made it look like it would end within a couple months, so we decided to stay and continue. When you guys left it made our decision easy. It was a good fight. We had fun...
  10. Domination reached

    Nah it was a good con we were ready to quit long before this. World would probably be over already if you guys had stayed in ext rather than come over. Good game all Raffi
  11. Domination reached

  12. Domination reached

  13. Domination reached

    congrats duck duck goose
  14. January Sneak Attacks!

    @CaptC I know your busy dont forget about us, we could use a Feb comp
  15. January Sneak Attacks!

    @CaptC can we get a Feb going when you get a chance we will get our entries in a little earlier this month
  16. January Sneak Attacks!

  17. SALTY 2.0

    Uh.. ok.. I do now know it's true what they say about you though..
  18. January Sneak Attacks!

    Well you do know tribal wars is life... No worries cap lol
  19. January Sneak Attacks!

    Thank you cap thought you forgot about us lol
  20. December Sneak Attacks!