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  1. Game Update 1.16 Discussion Thread

    I hope if tavern is already at 15 the tech is automatic correct?
  2. Top 5 Tribes: Bashpoints (Day 1)

    changed the setting to public, didn't realize it was on private, first time using FB in over a year
  3. Top 5 Tribes: Bashpoints (Day 1)

    Ill try that then should be a better way than having to use fb to post a link
  4. Top 5 Tribes: Bashpoints (Day 1)

    Im done just cant find the page to link pic from my cpu
  5. Ideas

    I have a great idea.....quit telling the devs when something works right, like the attack again button. As we have seen they will just screw it up and take it away. Farming and such has become a tremendous chore now to the point I don't know if I want to even play much longer. Cant they get...
  6. Lag Quick Fix

    yes much better on almost everything. Still quite a bit of lag when opening the overview but the rest is much better. We have all been so busy farming recruiting and building we forgot to come and say it was better. Now we just have to internally noble all the players that gave up because of the...
  7. Second village in Eremitage!!!

    So whats the solution here for me then. I have went from 27th in the world to the low 300's as others have an ability that I am being denied. I am a sitting duck as far as power goes and this is not fair. Do I restart and give up everything I have worked for that has not already been taken away...
  8. Second village in Eremitage!!!

    The density issue answers some of the issue but not in my case. There is still plenty of room and my second village is still sitting there as a barb. I have now fallen so far behind my neighbors while playing every day I am ready to just walk away. The devs need to figure out that we will not...
  9. Second village in Eremitage!!!

    Still waiting on this to get corrected. Was told it will be fixed but I have nothing and players that were half my size have now passed me by with 2 villages to work with and My second village, which was complete, with troops and used inventory items is still a barb for others to farm and use...
  10. Second Village Discussion

    do we need to submit a ticket or did they make a list? and what about inventory items used on the second village?