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  1. cokky

    Next dom world on EN

    I will be taking a team of players over to EN (the next dom world over there) contact me for a spot. Some notables will be coming back supposedly for that world include antipathy and daBahamaLlama as well as some from our last world that have shown interest it will be a coordinated start in 1...
  2. cokky

    domination has started

    currently at 76% will be at 80 in the next few days please close the doors and prepare the confetti for the parade(virtual of course)
  3. cokky

    Tsores we seen you please end this

    Domination happened a long time ago we pushing 90 now.. Please end this and even more importantly with no open DOM worlds please open a new dom world.
  4. cokky

    Domination thread

    We at TNT have started the process towards domination We are nearing 50% of the top 10 i will use this thread to document our process to the end. But this is officially a declaration that the beginning of the end has started. It was a great battle between END and TNT but now it is mostly just...
  5. cokky

    Crap talk

    Lets get it started man ..... EU are you coming over or no?
  6. cokky

    EN US elite challenge.

    So a member of a elite squad on EN has approached and would like to challenge us to a challenge if there is any NIB like players still out there who would like such a challenge respond here and i will get with you. what i do know is this will be a 20 person max tribe size challenge with...
  7. cokky

    domination updates

    currently wolf pack is 32.7% and climbing daily. i will post here weekly so people can see the chronological progression
  8. cokky

    As worlds are declared...

    We are not living in the land of not having tw2 tools so it would be nice if when worlds are declared someone would post the stats in the forum for that world.. even if it just kept track of the top 25 or so in bash and points it would make a big difference as there is such a big difference...
  9. cokky


    How about since this world will with out a doubt not have the same sort of numbers as other worlds in the past we pledge to not have any tribes with more than 40 members at all. And the best tribes maybe 30 or less to make things much more interesting.
  10. cokky

    please start domination

    NIB has 70.4% of the top 10 currently probably enough to ask that we start the process of finishing the world. We look to wrap this up by mid January so that those who want to can move together to a new domination world hopefully in the end of January.
  11. cokky

    Changing the reward for victory

    I realize it is a bit late for A world on this as we already got stiffed for no realm competition maybe they could make up for it on the back end with those who won the world. But how about we do something to help solve a few issues with the winning tribes either barb farming or merging to...
  12. cokky

    Server update

    I am not sure anyone is actually looking at this server's forum but WTH i will update if for no other reason than for chronology of what drama has happened on this server. So here is a current map of the server and a short synopsis of what has happened so far IMO the server has entered the...
  13. cokky

    Crickets really?

    never seen a new world and just crickets no fun and games no crown giveaways no anything Is this the sign of the apocalypse or what i mean we got our NO VP world yet then nothing....
  14. cokky

    Ok Charley Brown this time KICK IT HARD!!!

    how many people are going to join this world thinking this is the time they can make it to greatness? My guess is 6200 80 of which will actually be in the winning tribe. in 5 months.
  15. cokky

    Possible new feature

    So we are just starting a big season of wheels and fun and i thought of a fun temporary or possible permanent fun feature. Feast of the King raises loyalty 5-15 points usable only once in a 24 hour period. I favor it being something that you could spend resources on (roughly the cost of...
  16. cokky

    It is ALMOST over guys.

    currently we are at 62% of the top 10. I want to praise a few "enemies" for there good play Cornflakes and Kruush Well played guys even though you came out on the losing side also most of the top people in the "coalition to stop HI." some of you guys could use some pointers on advanced play...
  17. cokky

    RIP N3ss and O_O

    Thank you for playing it was really a load of fun. Maybe in the future We will be team mates. You played the game the way it was supposed to be played even though you ended up on the losing side it was still a great effort.