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  1. Suggestion Hope you notice

    Also, the one suggestion I have that I know has been mentioned before is a domination world with say a $20 buy-in, you get a fixed number of crowns and no reloads or maybe one reload. I'm just lobbying for this set up once a year. A truly level playing field or as close to one as reasonably...
  2. Suggestion Hope you notice

    What seems to be a growing number of players that rely on bots for farming in particular is something that may cause me to walk away from the game. As everyone knows having to farm ALL the time is a pain, so folks who are just on cruise control and collecting resources are the ones killing it...
  3. Top 5 Tribe

    Naw...I haven't really bumped heads with OSK at this point, though that one good stand Jarmy put up against you (killed 3 of your nukes) was all me buddy. You know the one where you renamed a couple of your cities in the area "good fight" or something like that. He was busy at work, I had...
  4. Top 5 Tribe

    Honestly, I don't know that there really is much reason to continue to report anything here. I viable, competent opposition to OSK has ever really emerged here. This world is pretty much a cakewalk to victory. We can pretend otherwise, but it simply isn't a competitive world by any reasonable...
  5. Top 5 Tribe

    TheProphet...thanks for the update and continuing to do this. It will be great to be able to come back to these updates in years to come and fondly or not so fondly remember some of the battling that occurred here. I do have one little tweak to your stats related to the Lost Boys. We are...
  6. Top 5 Tribe

    Let's link up this crowns or $20 buy in and let's go. Huge respect for those 3 you cited...definitely all first ballot Hall of Famers if they ever get around to doing that.
  7. Top 5 Tribe

    Haha...I believe you guys were in the 40's when I joined this world my friend - I'm $20 You really only needed a talented 20 man/woman crew to bang out FML and FTF. As for the 5 HUG jumping ship, two of them booted a large percentage of the tribe, then went to your side. They were...
  8. Top 5 Tribe

    Okay, that would make sense. That was my very first world. I think I started fairly late on the rim and joined some useless team. Everyone ended up just quitting and handing me their coop on the way out the door, no introductions, no nothing, just here is my coop, you can do more with it than...
  9. Top 5 Tribe

    Aww...talking crap is fun. You're definitely a better offensive player than me. I give you that hands down. Connecting with you and that crew in Visegard was a great run and I appreciate you guys dragging me over the finish line in the end. I've rarely have the will to finish any of these...
  10. Top 5 Tribe

    I don't recall ever having lost to you either my friend...; ) Anything is possible, but I don't remember it.
  11. Top 5 Tribe

    He tried doing it somewhat alone along the southern rim and got clubbed upside the head and Noobs made him restart. Again, it wasn't me, they beat me to it.
  12. Top 5 Tribe

    Are you trying to take the title from me? Seriously, the only player I will readily admit has me beat is Antipathy. In my view, he's probably No. 1.
  13. Top 5 Tribe

    I doubt he feels that way. It's kind of pathetic how desperate they were to win though. In the end, they spent a TON of cash to basically just defeat FTF who is food in every world they play and a slightly better FML team. It really won't be my lesson to teach anyone in this world, I've got...
  14. Top 5 Tribe

    The tribe was HUG in name only. Couple cowards booted everyone from the tribe while the leader was sleeping and then jumped to the enemy. It's pretty desperate and pathetic actually.
  15. Top 5 Tribe

    You WERE fighting on the southern rim, but that little honeymoon ended pretty quickly Unfortunately, I can't claim to be the one that did it to you though. Good luck in this world.
  16. Jhin's Extensive Guide to Tribal Wars 2 (Official Approved Content)

    I actually stumbled across this little gem on the EN server forum a few months back. I skimmed a little bit of it and thought it was quality work, so thank you for doing this. It's a helpful contribution to the game many of us have grown to love and despise. Thank you for sharing it here as well.
  17. Gwendoline Events feedbacks

    It's a crappy feature that ridiculously tilts the balance to the biggest coiners and brings in too much an element of luck. I would love to play a pure skill game, but none of these online games are truly that. I do feel like when I first joined this game nearly 5 years ago that it was more...
  18. Top 5 Tribe

    I thought OSK was billed as a 30 member killer squad. Their numbers are currently as big or bigger than every relevant tribe in the game. I guess they aren't going that "we're the best all stars and can do it with just a chosen few" route after all. I really was curious how that strategy...
  19. Gwendoline Events feedbacks

    I absolute hate everything about Gwen.
  20. Call to action misread his post. He was on the receiving end based on what he outlined above. As the world matures, you will be better positioned to take advantage of some of the less skilled, though better funded players.