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  1. Kefka

    Welcome to World Kronborg!

    Kefka, with crowns
  2. Kefka


    They've already merged into NAO, make of that what you will
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    The time has come for a newsletter to be established on this world, and since nobody else took the initiative, we’re going to! Who are we, you ask? We are Kefka and Jisto1, co-writers of this newsletter and proud members of Virus. This world has only just begun, and yet so many of the people we...
  6. Kefka

    Music to my ears!

    Classic rock, especially Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Also Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger soundtracks.
  7. Kefka

    *Cricket sounds*

    Yeah the forums seem even more dead here than on other worlds' forums. It's still early though and like Jisto said, we're working on a newsletter =)
  8. Kefka

    Release 1.35

    I was having connection issues on the previous update, it's much better for me now....
  9. Kefka

    Release 1.34

    Yeah I agree with Hintan, since this update wasn't announced very early the exp from crowns donated before the update should be doubled as well... we (mostly Hintan and another) put over 4000 coins into our tribe in just the first hour of W11 without being able to know this...
  10. Kefka

    Juval Hooplah #2

  11. Kefka

    Juval Hooplah #2

    Come at me bro
  12. Kefka

    Juval Hooplah #2

    Free of charge for Mr. Hintan
  13. Kefka

    Juval Hooplah #2

    That's me, Kefka the Court Mage. I'll be charging 50 crowns for every prediction here on out. 75 crowns for TLC members.
  14. Kefka

    Juval Hooplah #2

    I predict that LAW will fall wayyyy down by tomorrow and that END will fit nicely into the top 10