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  1. GRD is @ 2000 VP

    could you start the end world countdown. thanks
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    with tomaraya?
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    i'm a tw1 legend, when people see my actual screen name on new worlds they either hardcore try to invite me or I got a target on my back so every new world i use a new account. only a select few know who I am.
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    Well fudge, join the party im walking over all these guys and its making the world boring. Atleast Before2000 is attempting to do something but results are futile for him. I just wanna fight, I walked up to Cruncher and he turned tail and joined G world (even though he was about VP world.) just...
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    i'm masked like every other player.
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    Kingspade calls it quits, alvert calls it quits. cruncher riding a wet dream. ;) go start on F world we're there too !
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    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D i'm comin' crunchy, walking through alvret and kingspade. c u soon
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    coming from INO members themselves; Cruncher Ruined INO
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    I'd like to know where you see your growing? you guys havent even capped a vill from any of us yet. INO loses 10 vills in half a day. Go back to sniffing that glue buddy, give me the make, id like to try some. Don't worry though Cruncher, We will be in your province in about a day or so after...
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    first off, i make the ops around here in GRD. and better players? lol i could rim u myself cruncher, ur like the ultra newbs of newbs. you come on the forums to talk, yet you throw up stats that are made up kinda like the king spade op ur talking about, the only ops going on is on steel. and...
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    op on king? what op lol.
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    i dunno why ur talking cruncher, ur about to be rimmed by holy. 1 guy fighting u and noone is supporting him so please bring up the fact that tribe has 100s of players.
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    they'll be another barb going red in steel province in 4 hours cry about that too, building a church to finish him off.
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    but remember your a super expert TW2 player LOL!L!O!O!L!O!@L!@#LK$@P$%J#@L%MLKngmLK:nkjlfdb
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    and the barbs around steel, ya common sense says players want churches in provinces to hit at 100 not at 60. yet again 0 intelligence coming from you.
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    and quit saying 120 players ur fighting. ur fighting a handlfull of players i think 12 the most, just look at the conquest feed there buddy. ull see how many ppl ur fighting.
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    you make 0 sense, INO did not destroy tribe after tribe, ive got messages from 50% of your tribe asking for help to fight HLI. seriously what drugs are you on, I want some. Search up on the world map D...01 My village. you see that province? North, South, West, of it including that province was...
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    12 of us fighting and taking vills to your 35 defending fighting back, yea the MRT really helped lol..... <3
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    Also, if you havent noticed its the main GRD force taking vills, has nothing to do with the ATP merge lol. FACT.