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  1. New World

    Deleted :(
  2. Answered Newb Question

    I both contributed and won. I received zero crowns.
  3. Answered Newb Question

    Still waiting for a response.
  4. Answered Newb Question

    So, there was never an update to this thread. Also I never got those crowns.
  5. using money to win a battle

    It isn't that bad. It sounds like you didn't play correctly, so you lost and you complained.
  6. Answered Newb Question

    Well arn't you Mr.fancy I'm impressed by your response time.
  7. Answered Newb Question

    Greetings everyone, I have a quick question! I looked around and I couldn't find the specific thread i was looking for :(. The original "Win crowns" Thread where players counted down to 0, when will the crowns be awarded for that?
  8. Country/Province Specialties

    Interesting, but realistically it doesn't sound like it would be easy to do. Also it sounds very game changing
  9. World Clock

    I believe this was brought up and already passed to the devs.
  10. Controlling a Province advantage

    We are on opposing sides again! Anyway, It's an interesting idea. I think he means owning the most villages within the prov. I guess its more of a way to gain resources??
  11. Priests

    This mostly came down to pride..
  12. Tribal Domination

    I love how my endgame is going. 4 of the top tribes are duking it out >.>
  13. Priests

    Haha, anyone else notice Raith stopped arguing his point when it got crushed?
  14. Overview Improvements

    Awesome, i would love to have these features In-game
  15. Overview Improvements

    If it's been brought up does that mean is failed? So, you're in support of this?
  16. Priests

    "Which is why I like this idea more than multiple paladins." i realisticly don't. Imagine someone having 5-6 paladins. They can swoop a large chunk of villages with no effort. There literally is no counter play to that. There are two ways to invade using the paladin to spearhead an attack on a...
  17. Priests

    And what's wrong with that?... I don't feel you're making a valid point. He defends those who attack. Makes sense huh? This is Tribal wars after all...
  18. Priests

    I felt like people were taking "defensive player' as a player that only built defensive units...
  19. Priests

    A defensive player won't be completely defensive units only.. Don't be so literal guys..
  20. Priests

    "Your the one throwing a hissy fit and voicing an opinion that no one cares about... The forums are dead.... Mainly cause of people who cry about every little thing...." Btw, I came accross this on the forums. You're a complete hypocrite. All you've done is moan about someone building off of...