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  1. All done!

    i get the game concept. the big guilds are full. so no good "tribe" to the rescue. in most cases you cant build the city and build a good army at the same time. when you are able to get both then one of the big guild member comes in and takes it. so whats the point. be somebody's bitch and keep...
  2. Self Defeating game

    new players get destroyed by old players. new players dont return.
  3. All done!

    liked the little game. villages destroyed last night. maybe new people will read this and not play this game. no point.
  4. Declining Number of players each world

    well, been playing the game about a month. got my village up to 3200 points, spent real money. got destroyed last night. you wonder why there is a declining number of players. so im done. i dont attack people, i just level. had 3 villages. no more. all done.