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  1. New World

    Deleted :(
  2. Answered Newb Question

    Greetings everyone, I have a quick question! I looked around and I couldn't find the specific thread i was looking for :(. The original "Win crowns" Thread where players counted down to 0, when will the crowns be awarded for that?
  3. New World?

    Any idea when another world will be opened?
  4. Overview Improvements

    Hello once again TW2 Community :). Now, I'm having issues with the overview. It's kinda clunky. I believe there can be simple improvements that will go a long way. First thing first, Why is there a 25 limit? Why can't you pick 25/50/75/100 like you can for the ranking system? I really feel...
  5. Global Chat

    This forum isn't used at all like a global chat would. Players can moderate themself by having an ignore/report list. It's not a huge issue. There wouldn't need any warning for people to talk when its minimized. If you don't want to see it to maximize it. No one is making you use it. It's a...
  6. Daily log-in

    So, the daily log-in thing should be an reason to log in daily right? Well, it was at first. Over time its usefulness has vanished. It really doesn't benefit me at all having it up when I make 500 resources of each in 15 minutes. It's mostly just something that I find annoying and wish to not...