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  1. K World TV News

    I'm 4th in OBP. Where are you? Oh wait, Nowhere.
  2. K World TV News

    I cleared your village twice, I Allowed Maya to take the village as she was wanting a second one in the province. I could have easily nobled you whenever I wanted.
  3. K World TV News

    How's your Villages doing? Oh wait, You're losing them.
  4. K World TV News

    When my own team states that I'm the one doing most of the damage, They and I are clearly correct. You say you're getting hit by 15 nukes a day (I've sent out 7 so far today myself), yet every time I spy Uhtred he has DT sitting in a few of his villages. Either he's not defending himself (Which...
  5. K World TV News

    I havent coined a single wall on ANY of my villages. Lmfao. I've killed 65k DT now from Uhtred and Becky in the last 12 hours. Due to that, Frozzeno, Zal, and Hair have been able to sweep up all the empty villages in their backline. I've also jumped over 100k DBP so you claims of going all...
  6. K World TV News

    Pounded? Uhtred lost 3 nukes in the last 12 hours, along with a crap ton of DT. Don't know where you're getting your info from. Have you asked him for his reports? How about the two nukes he hit me with AFTER a train. Yup, you read that right. He sent a train of 250 escorts THEN two nukes a few...
  7. Automated Farming Could Save This Game

    Let's not forget that the botters literally killed the barbs around them. On US37 the barbs to the north (Far away from the banned botters) are 1200-1800 points. The barbs near the old botter locations are 300-600 points. They're only that high due to the ban that was issued. If automated...
  8. K World TV News

    You ate an inactive player. Congrats. Lmao. You have 311k DBP, That's only 62k OT killed which equates to 3 nukes. Yeah, Looks like you sure roasted a lot of nukes! I'm currently 8th in OBP, I'll jump between 3rd-5th this weekend. When you actually clear some troops come talk to me.
  9. US server trash talk

    This. The highest any tribe has gone on US37 was 53 players. VIP is filled with new players, Vets don't normally play VIP for a multitude of reasons. The main reason is we'd stomp all over the new guys. There's no fun in that. Domination worlds are a completely different type of game compared to VIP
  10. Rampant Cheating allowed in this Game?!?

    Case closed. Sledge won this one.
  11. US server trash talk

    I mean, We went to EN 30 as American Made and won the world so....
  12. K World TV News

    This is what a mixed nuke will do. Before you talk trash, learn the capabilities of your troops. Oh, and don't get banned.
  13. K World TV News

    Lol, I'm nowhere near 100% offense. I use relocation to it's maximum effect. I build my DT villages to a certain point, once they hit that troop count, I switch them to building OT to relocate to my OT villages. Early game it's 2k/2k/2k late game it's 5k/5k/5k and I build MA/HC in the same villages.
  14. Automated Farming Could Save This Game

    Lol wrong. That 10 player tribe with 5M looted has 2-3x more villages now due to noble coins minted, while the tribe with 1M is still trying to get academies. The more you farm, the more coins you can mint and villages you can eat. Farming is a massive part of this game.
  15. K World TV News

    Let me tell you how this works. 25 villages. 300 MA per day. 25x300 = 7500. 4500 MA = 1 nuke. Do the math. I had 8 FULL nukes when I commented that, with many others spread out into other villages for farming. I currently have 8 full nukes with enough in other villages for 3 more if I...
  16. K World TV News

    I'm sitting on 7 more nukes with the ability to remake a nuke every day, Keep on talking ya scrub. Maybe you should spy my villages before posting something like this. Are you going to mention the 5 nukes Uhtred lost on a single village? I guess not.
  17. K World TV News

    They're in my squad. I see the reports. Your villages in the back line were EMPTY because Bod, Ox, and I smashed all your DT but a few thousand. Nice lies though.
  18. K World TV News

    What NAP? You mention allies, Yet I didn't know any 300k point tribes that are able to defeat the 2M points that both HAT and THC are sitting around. Are you forgetting that we're fighting BSX, THC, and HAT? All of which combined have more points, Villages, Players, and Bash than us? We're #1...
  19. Automated Farming Could Save This Game

    THat's how Tw1 does it EIJefe, Last I knew it was $5/Month. Just about everyone had it.
  20. K World TV News

    You obviously have a 2nd grade reading level. Here's my prior post that you failed to read. I've got 26 villages, Care to guess which of the 8 hold my nukes? Which hold my defense? Where do I move them around to? You can't. As OBVIOUSLY stated above, I ALWAYS move my troops around. Since...