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    I agree on this post I was really piss off about it but I had a talk with both teams on what happen. Sad that happen to the other tribe. But I also find it funny that I had attacks from players on this team until they go kicked out of the tribe now there No Tribe tag and Zero attacks from them...
  2. Trash Talk etc

    Funtime has a Fun club.....
  3. Rubber Duckies

    Im going too :D
  4. Rupea Realm Competitions

    Would have made so many people happy!
  5. September & October Battle Reports!

    Wow. Sorry didn't know I got the boost ty I see it
  6. September & October Battle Reports!

    When are the coins going to be added I saw 200 not sure where that came from
  7. November Battle Reports

    Nice PJ
  8. Rubber Duckies

    Sad but true we need a new server
  9. September & October Battle Reports!

    u made the Cut
  10. September & October Battle Reports!

    Thank U ur kicking butt too
  11. September & October Battle Reports!

    Capt both of us are here....
  12. September & October Battle Reports!

    wow got it to work lol
  13. September & October Battle Reports!

    Give me a week and come back and say that. I thought the world was easy mode but its getting more active everyday
  14. Rubber Duckies

    Having a Fun Time Yet? The fight that started at 10 Am Friday morning was the best time I have had in a long Time to RdR good show. But who will Win?
  15. Crushem Updates

    Hmm looks like I may come out of retirement for this server.
  16. Welcome to US34!

    So 2 months old.
  17. Self Defeating game

    Get ur city to 200 points and start sending leaders of tribes on the servers u are on emails about joining them. Don't waste money on the game until u are in a tribe that can help u. Look at the map the person that has the most tribe city's near u work on getting into that tribe if that...
  18. All done!

    part of the game is losing or wining someone's city's. I have had Ops on me where I have 500 attacks on 35 of my citys at one time 50 of those attacks are the real deal. This isnt simity it's real time fighting. Best way to keep city's is to have good coops and a good tribe support system set...
  19. Start

    Well when am able to play full time I'll play what's the newest world open at the time I enjoy Dom world's more then vp but to me it's the players on the servers that keep me logging in. Am just happy tw2 is still open:D
  20. Hmmm.

    Should I come back? I took some time off with real life issues. At this time I will most likely be part time until next year I see a lot of the same players posting how are the pop on the servers? Also I so put this message in the wrong area lol