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  1. K World TV News

    i don't actually know since I don't keep track. it takes about 708 million experience points for a lvl 47 tribe. I've donated about 603 million of those experience points. I currently get 15,145 experience points for 1 crown. that would mean about 39854 crowns or about $560. but that doesn't...
  2. K World TV News

    Actually everyone else keeps saying 10k. It doesnt take 10k to level a tribe. And i didnt level all of it.
  3. K World TV News

    No where near that. I think everyone assumes several things. 1) that it is more expensive than it actually is. It doesnt really cost as much as you guys think it does. But i understand how you like to perpetuate the false narrative. 2) that it means anything. It is like me buying tokens at an...
  4. K World TV News

    I may not like everyone personally but if what you say it true and it really is a careful coordination between multiple people, the I have to give you props. You guys do spend a lot of time and effort putting together ops. They are well timed. (also sent in the middle of the night helps, ;) )...
  5. K World TV News

    If players wanted to stay where they were, they would have. We don't force people to leave. They left of their own free will. And those people that have played with us should know how this goes. Why is everyone surprised? Do we have to hash out the same boring arguments on every world? In...
  6. K World TV News

    lol it is all relative. it is equivalent to others tipping the waitress after a meal. completely insignificant and unnoticed. but the game has been entertaining when people aren't crying and whining all of the time.
  7. K World TV News

    the tribe levels are nothing. a rounding error. not even 1% compared to what I spend to help other people.
  8. K World TV News

    Oh Thicc. Still beating that drum. Arguing as always. First off, even now we only have 27.8% of the top 10. We are so far from domination it isn't even worth talking about. We literally would need to just about triple our size. HAT (OSK) still has 44 members and 334 villages holding 15.5% of...
  9. K World TV News

    don't worry. i'll be gone soon enough. This is my last world which I'm sure many will be happy about. Everyone has different formulas to win. We've always tried to use all aspects of the game. Some of that is tribe levels. Yes, there are perks but it also just helps morale which is one reason...
  10. K World TV News

    I bet NO ONE in THC spent any crowns since the start right? No extra gwen shots there huh? Those 5, 6, 7, 8 villas was ALL minting coins right? The hypocrisy is pretty thicc (oh i mean thick). I can literally see barbs being MoL'd up across the map. All of ours still catted down thank you. ;)...
  11. K World TV News

    Of course more sewage spewed from the THC reporter. I never asked for support from Biz, nor did it ever arrive to do anything. It was symbolic. NO other village of mine has been supported by Biz or anyone else in OSK. It was only Cokky's main that Biz supported. And of course it took 5 of you...
  12. Kark des Chevaliers Special Challenge

    yes, the rules were more explanations. Things like not having a sister tribe. the highest point tribe when the world is declared at 80% (if the winning tribe is not in the contest). Other than that, yes, there is only a single major rule which is member limit of 50. No rules about NAPs/Alliances.
  13. Kark des Chevaliers Special Challenge

    Kiki already posted these
  14. K World TV News

    these are funny. Biz is a good player. He probably could have held his own for quite some time. But it would have significantly slowed his growth. There is no shame in resetting under those circumstances. I probably would have done the same. He did message us, told us he was going to restart...
  15. Kark des Chevaliers Special Challenge

    that is true. which is why they need "beginner" worlds where there is no winner and new players can learn in a less competitive or hard core environment. I don't think INNO would invest because it would likely make less money, but it would cultivate loyal players that would pay dividends later...
  16. Kark des Chevaliers Special Challenge

    i see your point. I think the spirit of this is that it can't be manipulated. If it was a month, or 2, or 3 and 40 of the top players left their tribes and created a new tribe then enter the contest, would they win? I do think the world is pretty young though. there are people that haven't...
  17. Kark des Chevaliers Special Challenge

    A few top tribes are not in the competition. They have until tomorrow to enter via this forum. If you are in any of these tribes message your leader. BXS (49 members) - leader Kristaly WOK (28 members) - leader The IceQueen OSK (50 members) - leader Bizmoney Dab (20 members) - leader Thundy
  18. please start domination

    wait, there are farming scripts? man, i've been playing all wrong. :D I'm still sending farming runs using hotkeys. Hours upon hours of roundtrip farming runs. where have I been?
  19. Kark des Chevaliers Special Challenge

    so OSK is not part of the contest? They have 47 and BXS has 46. seems like both should be part of it until anyone disqualifies themselves by going over.
  20. Kark des Chevaliers Special Challenge

    That's right. we will not raise our membership above 40 at any point and will likely end up with closer to 30 depending on activity. No floaters allowed. A little disappointed at a 50 member limit. Still think it is too big. Even 40 is probably too much. OSK is already at 48 and NBK is at 65...