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  1. Xativa Realm Competitions

    3rd to 5 vills with crowns
  2. Top 5 Tribes

    It's because cold can never admit to something not going his way there's always an excuse as to why he meant for it to happen or it was in his master plan. when your tribe drops near 20 members and several hundred thousand points in a couple weeks it can easily be considered crumbling. just...
  3. Top 5 Tribes

    I'd like to point out I am MRT not S.S. :P
  4. Poenari Realm Competitions

    Is this getting updated soon, still waiting for coins.
  5. Top 5 Tribes

    hey if this world is decided by obp per member bow down to your MRT overlords.
  6. Temporary Freedom

    ah lvl 20 market doesn't even work for it?
  7. Temporary Freedom

    possibly sending resources to barbs to stimulate growth?
  8. Top 5 Tribes

    MRT pitys the fool who thinks super cluck cluck has a shot!
  9. Temporary Freedom

    master of loot spam?

    There's only one true MRT on this server, the rest of you guys are just posers.
  11. Poenari Realm Competitions

    2nd to 5 villas no crowns
  12. Poenari Realm Competitions

    3rd! (no crowns)