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    Ah too bad, would've possibly come back. A surprise this game is still running, but a welcome one.

    Cokky you starting a tribe?
  3. Non-Crown

    I appreciate you guys putting this up for review but we all know this won't happen. Thanks however guys
  4. night bonus

    There is no night bonus on US servers
  5. Recent development analysis/prediction of the future

    Cruncher is a great friend Cokky is always trying to be the good guy and just playing the game CC was friendly even when we were technically enemies Beezkneez is a great mod who helps balance the community Management tries his best...
  6. Pay for Play

    Players who are unable to spend money like myself would not be able to pay..I feel this world type wouldn't have the same amount of players, which is already low, as only the dedicated would play...and even some dedicated wouldn't. Anyways, this has already been suggested
  7. Crazy Animals Tribe

    remember that one time you shut your mouth?
  8. Crazy Animals Tribe

    I was MooseWagon back then, changed accounts
  9. Crazy Animals Tribe

    Its been a long time since I have seen your name!
  10. Recent development analysis/prediction of the future

    So from what I have seen with Management complaining so far..he is an idiot. His argument against RIP is that he NAPed with everyone and had only like 1 enemy..which is perfectly logical. If you look back in history, nations fighting multiple fronts pretty much ALWAYS lose..take Germany in WW1...
  11. yay new world

    Yea seriously inno its like "oh yea you own all the map and the only other active person has only 3 cities but no you didn't win."
  12. Recent development analysis/prediction of the future

    Once again if y'all bored come onto us31 please
  13. Recent development analysis/prediction of the future

    Its all OTA has, thats for sure.. Alright I am done now
  14. yay new world

    thanks Kane we here at INO feel the same
  15. yay new world

    The only people who dodge are the people I attack apparently
  16. yay new world

    So far today with BP down kinda seems like we are playing against bots...
  17. Cooperative Play

    So a question about Co Ops, if I am a tribe leader and I set a member (non trusted, without rights) to coop my account can they access tribe settings?
  18. yay new world

    Thanks Beez
  19. Recent development analysis/prediction of the future

    Might this punch have some cyanide in it?