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  1. Altheras

    Fixed Unable to do Advent Calendar (US)

    I am unable to access the advent calendar post on the EN forums in order to post a reply to it. It says I'm not registered for the EN forum and when I attempt to register it says my username does not exist, probably because I'm only registered as US. There is no link at all to the actual Advent...
  2. Altheras

    Goodbye My Dearest Igreja

    I will miss this world so much! It was my first world, and it will always be the best one to me. When I started I was a total newbie and a little tribe called FFF took me in and taught me the ropes, then we later merged into IMP. It's amazing to think how far I've come. When I joined this...
  3. Altheras

    Do not join IMP join IDR

    Some jerk saw we were going to make IMP there and snapped up the tag with a tribe called CHAoS, which is so not cool by the way. My tribe, the winning IMP from us9 is IDR for now. -_-
  4. Altheras

    Reported Playing Twice on Juval?

    I was checking for the opening of the new world and a button for Juval popped up under open worlds. I already have an active account on Juval, so I assumed this was the new world and that it was just mislabeled.... Now there are 2 instances of my account on Juval... o_o
  5. Altheras

    Reported Game Forgot the Alphabet

    Since the maintenance this morning and the addition of the new feature(which is awesome by the way!), my game no longer understand the Alphabetical order it's supposed to go in when you click the arrows to swap through your villages. This problem is making it impossible to go through my village...
  6. Altheras

    Top 5 Tribes Map