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  1. fiend1

    Top 5 Map

    so tiny
  2. fiend1

    Weekly Update Top 5 Map

    hey mods, gotta ask here. whats the current record for a world closing after start date?
  3. fiend1

    Let us put some life in this new world

    i just didnt know i was playing as yeli & yellister man, i tell ya i just dont have anything better to do than sit here full time playing 3 accounts it's a good thing i have all those informants or i wouldnt know who i was
  4. fiend1

    Weekly Update Top 5 Map

    yeah that was probably it, that world was a mess from the start. as messed up as imperium was on us9...they were given every advantage to get off to a great start on us14....i kicked some butt there for awhile, but once the overtime started i started slacking....& of course there were 2 big...
  5. fiend1

    Merge Rule

    no offense to jim bob here, but he said to me once, let's talk about the other big player on the map (something close to that) TNM this was before we passed them with our lil band of A holes, idk if he was serious or not, but i could not believe he'd just said that. me n rizzo laughed about it...
  6. fiend1

    Weekly Update Top 5 Map

    turns out he made up some delusional psychobabble where me & 2 other guys were all the same person....then he runs through damn near every single world & writes in at least one forum, mostly dragging my name through the dirt, a little bit of this little feller named yellister who just started...
  7. fiend1

    Top 10 Tribes

    who da heck does this lil fella think i am? im not even on this server
  8. fiend1

    Does my paladin defend?

    you got some learning to do king
  9. fiend1

    Top 10 Tribes

    ah i see, little one thinks im someone else lol, was wondering why im getting trolled by someone in us18 when theres no one on us 18 by that name
  10. fiend1

    Let us put some life in this new world

    which informant?
  11. fiend1

    This makes no sense

    i am thanks. who is this?
  12. fiend1

    Weekly Update Top 5 Map i know you? beginning of game~ me & skoshaboy took out everyone in our starting province, we started attacking as soon as shields came down, we had another guy that said he was going to work with us, but he stopped talking & didnt do anything so we split his villages after we cleared the...
  13. fiend1

    W20 Who's the worlds most hated players.

    i dont hate you tfox! even if we are enemies
  14. fiend1

    Mass Recruit Spies

    actually, looking at the dates you did get to this before i did
  15. fiend1

    spies overview

  16. fiend1

    Mass Recruit Spies

    i posted something like this, never got any attention, shoulda worded it differently now that everyones online lets get this some attention
  17. fiend1

    Scouting Support

    if you stack your little buddy, you cant let him go taking all the credit can you?
  18. fiend1

    Fixed Server Down?

    the contest answer thing
  19. fiend1

    Fixed Server Down?

    hey can my answers be shown before it's over? i think they would help everyone
  20. fiend1

    Fixed Server Down?

    it's just not your day is it? also, probably unrelated, i believe all of EA's servers are down as well. maybe some sort of crazy hacker conspiracy?