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  1. Revedge

    support troops

    I couldn't have said it better. lol
  2. Revedge

    Not a Bug Selecting an item in inventory, on the second page, is used without immediately

    Thanks for letting us know, it has happened to me but I thought it was a fast double click I will send this up the chain.
  3. Revedge

    Tribe Size

    I figured I would get more feed back on this one. Hmmm
  4. Revedge

    Tribe Size

    I honestly think an 80 player tribe is a good size, and your right it would mean we would all be on the honor system.
  5. Revedge

    Tribe Size

    We hear what people are saying about the tribe size being to big, the fact is the size is part of the base coding and would require to much of a rewrite to change the size. That being said there is no rule preventing the world from agreeing on a set tribe size and everyone agreeing to it. What...
  6. Revedge

    Lets Make the Forums Great Again

    Its 30 days give or take
  7. Revedge

    Free complete button not working

    Your best bet is to put it in a support ticket so we can see your system and work the problem.
  8. Revedge

    What is your favorite part of playing TW2?

    I enjoy the tickets of players where english is not their native tongue, there is the challenge.
  9. Revedge


    Folks I am all for open discussion of the game and conditions of the game. We get tickets from players saying player A has attacked me from his COOP account then nobbled me after the attack, we research the ticket to find it was not the case we are not permitted to tell you if the player A did...
  10. Revedge

    Did I Cheat?

    Thats fair, thus I asked and you got the information, complaining about getting the help provided through the question is non productive.
  11. Revedge

    Did I Cheat?

    Point in fact a simple search in the search window using "COOP" revealed all the information found in the link I provided you. The forum is quite robust with information, information that is searchable, all a player needs to do is use it. So my question still stands is your post a question about...
  12. Revedge

    new units

    TW2 is pre gun powder. Fortunately lol
  13. Revedge

    church men lessor cost

    Why would it be lowered to 2500 as apposed to the 5000 it costs now?
  14. Revedge

    weapons on walls

    That sounds like a cool idea.
  15. Revedge

    Did I Cheat?

    Is this a COOP question? if it is there is a lot of discussion on this issue in this link
  16. Revedge

    Cannot Reproduce Can't find my second village in the "Overview"

    Short of the 20 question bit I would put in a ticket, so the Moderators can see your system information, as well as chrome version.
  17. Revedge

    Cannot Reproduce Can't find my second village in the "Overview"

    One question thou, depending on your zoom have you tried scrolling down? I got bit by this the other day on a different feature. My zoom was set to high.
  18. Revedge

    Cannot Reproduce Hotkeys not working

    I was just checking on my system and the hot keys are working on my system so there may be another type of issue at work here, the best thing to do is put in a ticket so the moderators can see your system information, and track your issue.
  19. Revedge

    Cannot Reproduce Can't find my second village in the "Overview"

    The best way to deal with this issue is to put in a ticket so we can track the issue.
  20. Revedge

    Can bountiful harvest and bountiful season be used on the same village?

    No they do not build on each other if you try it you should get a warning that one will over right the other.