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  1. Zeshinosa

    End World Titles or Awards

    I am not sure if it is tracked, I would assume it is for balancing and other reasons, but if at end of world custom titles or awards could be awarded out to leaders in certain areas. These titles or awards could be something Innogames comes up with or let the community suggest and/or vote. Be...
  2. Zeshinosa

    World Map

    Here is a world maps for your pleasure. A little timeline I didn't start till 3/13/18 though. Will try and add update to timeline every 3 days. Imgur Link for browser zoom compatibilty. Imgur Album with each day's picture for comparison. Daily Change
  3. Zeshinosa

    Server is flipping out!

    Your guys server is like flipping out, hope you guys are on fixing it. Lol the screen that keeps popping me up thinks of seizures.
  4. Zeshinosa

    404 Error

    Upon renaming village to 404 get error, it can't find the paladin weapon please fix your 404 :).
  5. Zeshinosa

    Tribe Scout Report Bug

    Bug being when you click on a report of spies it says report not available. I figured out what is happening. When I spy i send 2 different attempts each time. If both are green I delete one and star the other to keep it from being deleted. The Tribe Scout Report looks for the most recent one...
  6. Zeshinosa

    Side by Side Report Windows

    Expanding the UI to have multiple windows open could really enhance the experience in this game I feel. Being able to open up to reports side by side to see troop count change at glance would be amazing. There are other things this could benefit too would be a great addition to the gameplay...
  7. Zeshinosa

    Answered Rams and Walls Mechanics

    I was curious if anyone could point me to place where it gives exact figures on how much dmg rams do as well as treb defenses. I am working on a spreadsheet calculator and have the video the dev's did about battle system for making the formulas but haven't found one for trebs/rams/walls yet.
  8. Zeshinosa

    Shoring up Provinces

    Another way to upgrade a province after you control it that would go well with the recent changes to church and stuff would be to add a feature to upgrade a province. So if I or my tribe own certain % of province, 50% or 100% we can then build a berm for a sum of resources(not cheap obviously)...
  9. Zeshinosa

    Answered Fortress Endgame

    Hey it is my understanding the fortress endgame isn't in the game yet, is this true? Also if it is do we have ETA or time frame on this feature, is it in testing or just planned development so forth.
  10. Zeshinosa

    Way to Add more strategy involvement.

    Idea would be that certain province are strong in certain areas of game which would allow people to not only look at front lines in wars but also make certain provinces higher objectives than other(would add great amount when Fortress end game is fully in, cant wait :D). Idea may be this...
  11. Zeshinosa

    Map and Village Skins

    I have had games that I have played before where you could skin your village/base. You only controlled 1-2 bases though in this game so I thought a cool little twist they could have in this game would be a creeping effect with villages you own(think of star craft 2 creep). So lets say I spend...