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  1. n3ss

    Tribal Domination

    This is way lame. The originally promised endgame was a much better idea. Just saying.
  2. n3ss

    Reported Messages and Notifications

    This is a general mobile issue. You guys have needed to fix the notifications amd messages in game for a while, but now its worse than ever. Every time someone sends a message you get 2 notifications for it instead of 1 (last night we were seeing up to 4 and 5 notifications for the same...
  3. n3ss

    Reported Issue with tagging towns, players, and tribes

    I'm posting this under android because I have an android, but everyone I know seems to be having this issue with all mobile devices. Anytime you try and tag a town, a player, or a tribe in a post the mobile version of the game kicks you out. This is particularly troublesome as there aren't...
  4. n3ss

    Why is this game so jacked right now?

    All I gotta say is whatever update y'all are doing better be good because this game is pretty jacked right now...