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  1. yay new world

    Go INO
  2. Come on Innogames, you gotta do something

    As this goes on for longer and longer, you see the steady decrease. US30 has been open for almost 2 weeks now, with barely 2k players..ridiculous. Its even a domination world with 2k players I understand you guys are taking our suggestions and all that stuff, but something has to be done...
  3. Februrary Gwendoline's game?

    Will there be a February Gwendoline's game? Or did the valentines day event count for February's event.
  4. Deva is open

    Been open for probably the past hour so yeah hop on good luck guys
  5. Loading... (EXE)

    Hello! I am making a tribe called Loading... with the tag being EXE. Probably gonna be a small tribe, I am playing on US28 so my focus is gonna be there..just looking to have fun and rack up as much OBP as I can. HMU if you wanna join. NO MRT PLAYERS OR MINDSETS PLEASE! I KNOW IT IS FOR FUN BUT...
  6. Bergenhus (US28) Update Center! TOP 3 MAP! // ANALYSIS

    I am starting this log in hopes to attract some people to the forums to spur up debate/talk/and overall activity of the forums. Please invite tribemembers to have a look. Though I have only been on the server for a few days, I have made a few maps just to keep up with progress. I'll do one...
  7. Whats the deal with GAM/LIT/USA

    Are they fighting? I have a feeling that GAM/LIT are fighting but I don't know about USA. Here is a map, its only of the past 2 days but i can see some change. Yesterday: Today...
  8. Chromebook issues

    I just joined the game on chromebook and I am able to upgrade my village, but I cannot move the map, and when it does move it is just green and the map is repeated. It shows my village far away and when i click on a landmark it says invalid province. I am not able to click go to village or try...
  9. Maintenance

    Hey, you guys don't seem to have a notification for maintenance, and it is annoying when you guys randomly do it. I propose since we don't get notified you give us compensation. Like maybe 25 crowns or something, or give us a 3 hour warning or something beforehand.