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  1. Tribe Domination - Vote

    Well, WTF managed to find a loop hole because there were no losers. People either quit or joined them. I could have easily finished out this world in the top 2, but I quit a while ago and am still ranked 12 in the world. I never joined WTF, so if we actually consider how this game is suppose to...
  2. Tribe Domination - Vote

    Where does it say that?
  3. W7 Top alliances & Maps

    This world was total trash. This is not the type of game were your goal is to just win, but that is what everyone did. They jumped to the biggest tribe and ate up inactives until getting to the required goal. Not fun... just pathetic.
  4. Current Top 5 Tribes

    Your not winning, I could take WTF all by myself! :p (I just don't feel like it) Tw2-tools isn't generating a map at the moment...
  5. W7 Top alliances & Maps

    I don't know what AOD did to get TPL to merge with them/run away from them, if anything. But from the TWD perspective, we were destroying them and members started to scatter :P ...some were good players and that is why they are still around today, but we were owning TPL.
  6. W7 Top alliances & Maps

    And now your tribe is being built on players wanting to join the winning side, this is going to be an endless circle :) Anyways, when the war started, it was known to the trusted members that you guys might break the NAP with us within two weeks (which became 48 hours). So... I probably wasn't...
  7. W7 Top alliances & Maps

    If it were up to me, we would have went to war with AOD when they accepted a merger with TPL :p I will never let that go! Our members are joining you because they just want to be on the winning side and I don't understand why anyone would want a player like that. If you are happy to let in TWD...
  8. W7 Top alliances & Maps

    I was hoping for a real clash between the three very distinguished top tribes. But there is a very boring pattern happening... someone asks for support, then a day later they are in WTF. I want WTF to give me an honest answer as to why they want these players? Lets just fight it out and have...
  9. W7 Top alliances & Maps

    WTF just seems to be recruiting everyone that they can convince to abandon their tribes. That's not what I imagined the end game war would be... just a bunch of scare tactics to remove the enemy rather than actual fighting.
  10. Hot key for Hall Of Orders

    AYE definitely
  11. Answered Province naming

    This seems to be bugged at the moment? When I try to rename a province, it says I am not the owner.
  12. Spies Info

    I think that would do it so you can see what your spies are doing if you have any.
  13. Spies Info

    That would be really nice too, but most importantly, something that says you have this many spies in the village and this many spies outside of the village and this many spies under recruitment. At the moment, all you can see is how many spies are in a village and it says 0 if the spies are...
  14. Spies Info

    It is hard enough to monitor all your spies going out, there should atleast be an easier way to see how many you have in each villages while they are gone. In the overview it only shows spies in the villages, but when you are constantly sending spies, it is extremely hard to keep up with...
  15. Reported TWX-14271 Sending Messages

    Almost every time I send a message on my iphone, the game freezes and closes slowly. This just recently started happening a few days ago right after an update.
  16. Building a new Village

    Thank you for your response, it is the same as what I found out just yesterday. I went on tw tools and found a village that I nobled at 3500 points and it took me 21 days to get that maxed out. I didn't realize I had the answer all along :P
  17. Building a new Village

    I am thinking about nobling some maxed out barbs to strengthen some of my owned provinces that need more support. I am curious if any has figured out or has a guess on how long it would take to go from 3500 points to about 9000? Assuming you are upgrading buildings 24/7 as I will. I've managed...
  18. Demolish building levels through hq

    ...all of which would take days, if not over a week to completely destroy.
  19. Reported Troops In villages inaccurate

    Okay, this annoying problem has been going on since one of the recent updates came out a couple weeks ago. I assumed it would have been reported by now, but I guess now. The troops shown as available include troops in production. So when I go to attack, I have to guess how many troops not to...
  20. Advice?

    Lets say I am a tribeless aggressive player who has killed off or am hated by a majority of the small players nearby :p jk, sortof... I will try to find a basher somewhere that can help for a little protection, thanks for that suggestion. I just tried using sabotage, but lost lots of spies, so...