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  1. smurks

    Smurks of old

    hello everyone. I haven’t been relevant for a long time due to a ban of these forums that has recently been lifted. (2 Years cough) after all that time I decided I’d come back for the Luls and come to find out there was a new victory mechanic and I didn’t much care for it but I still play it...
  2. smurks

    war tab

    could we get a war tab for tribes that follow our declared wars and keeps track of village losses, village gains from said war. I feel like this tab would just be a decent quality of life improvement, and i believe tw1 has this feature so maybe a direct rip from there would be possible?
  3. smurks

    The world of gangbangs

    as we settle into our new villages we at WAT face many adversities. many of which is every tribe being jealous of our awesome club of few. we have Intel that the rank 1 tribe, rank 3, and rank 4 have all teamed up to combat us lowly few players in combat. to our dismay we didn't really care...
  4. smurks

    WAT in the world...?

    So nTa finally decided to take on WAT after we have started dismantling their forces and honestly having a nice laugh about it... On another front NRN have done absolutely nothing to us though they said we would be dead and would be at waro_O yeah still waiting for that one... that new tribe...
  5. smurks

    top 40

    can the tribal ranking system be determined by the top 40 in said tribe? lets say tribe A has 200 members. their overall is 8m with these 200 members and with their top 40 they have a total of 4m and tribe B has 40 members and has 7m. their top 40 is obviously 7m since they only have 40. pound...
  6. smurks

    sort commands and inc

    Can we please sort the incoming (attacks against me) and the commands (my outgoing attacks) by time. I hate having to dig through my commands and my incoming to find the attacks that are going to be hitting the soonest. It'd be a real time saver if we could have these auto sorted for us so we...
  7. smurks

    we did it for ze lul's

    lol The mass recruiting tribe of Narnia has declared war on Those guys because we have been farming players they took in after the fact. Hello Narnia, Your leader is a fool who will put you to war over a person who joined your tribe who was already cleared and being farmed. What a guy right...
  8. smurks

    noble limit

    can we get a noble distance limit please? the travel time of a noble should not be able to exceed 50 hours. its a pain when you attack someone and they send a train across the world from a safe village and effectively run away from you all because you didn't have enough nukes and nobles to...
  9. smurks

    more groups

    the 10 group limit is really a pain for players like me who like a bit of variety in their gameplay. can we please get this bumped up to 20 perhaps?
  10. smurks

    mini map

    Can we have a mini map that we can use to scroll through the world with that has a very large zoom so we can easily traverse the map without having to put in coordinates and or go to a different site to pull up a map and guess on where you are looking. listed below are the max zoom for the in...
  11. smurks

    Reported tribal awards disappearing

    My tribe on W8 and W3 have been trying to put our awards on our page but every time we do it says it saves and it just disappears a few moments later.
  12. smurks

    Calculating ODD

    I wanna know how this game is getting these numbers for ODD (opposites defeated Defender) or as known in this game Defense bashpoints. I find myself killing nukes and gaining next to nothing in ODD. I would really like to know why if i kill off a village attacking i get a good amount of ODA...
  13. smurks

    We are coming for you

    Hello world. We are coming for you... ;) we from W3 will be here watching and taking. we will make you fear the night and dread waking up to see incomings. We are the few, we are the strong, we are the skilled.
  14. smurks

    World skype chat

    I'm making a world skype chat. My skype account name is Celticwarroir. Warrior is spelled wrong so watch the spelling guys. if you type my user name specifically it should show me only. so don't tell me you couldn't find me. Menson Proposed this idea to me and I slept on it for awhile and...
  15. smurks

    Q:Inactive players

    I was wondering when the bug will be fixed for the inactive players going barb? i know its suppose to happen after a month of going inactive. To those who think Crowns stop you from going inactive like premium points do in TW you're wrong. Premium Points gave you access to the Premium account...
  16. smurks

    Everything wrong with TW2

    1. A world map would be much appreciated. TW had a good map system, and TW2's map system is god awful. Its to local based and the world around you is generally fuzzy. Where did the old simple map go? TW 2 needs to address this. 2. Inactive players who have put nothing into their villages...