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  1. PlunderingYouDaily

    Province Claiming

    Most agreements state "One can not noble in a province in which (a) tribe member (b) ally already own a village. One must ask permission to enter said province from said player. one must not attack another player in a tribe without written permission from leader/warlord. All other villages are...
  2. PlunderingYouDaily

    May I suggest a game clock

    You can make bots run off your computer clock so i don't see how no world clock is stopping it
  3. PlunderingYouDaily

    May I suggest a game clock

    I personally love this idea! I would like to hear more input from other players aswell!
  4. PlunderingYouDaily

    Second Village Discussion

    When you send defensive troops they sit at that village as protection and can not be ordered by the 2nd village. To return these troops to village one click/tap on the units overview (shield w/2 swords) Under external troops you will see your support troops. there will be 2 buttons on the right...
  5. PlunderingYouDaily

    Fixed Cant log in with Chrome or IE on Windows 8.1

    The Forum labeled Announcement will post any thing to do with server down time by moderators!
  6. PlunderingYouDaily

    The Anticipation!

    Who knows ...i sure would like that!
  7. PlunderingYouDaily

    The Anticipation!

    Sorry, we can not davulge that information at this time. I myself don't know specifics
  8. PlunderingYouDaily

    The Anticipation!

    I am excited to see TW2 growing and see another world open on US. I will also be a MOD for this world. If anyone has question/comment or just wanna shoot the wind. Feel free to message me. GLHF
  9. PlunderingYouDaily

    Reported [TWX-12404] Hotkey Presets 1-9 Bug

    Thank you for the response I see what you are saying now(sorry i use sliders in that menu). I will make this known to the developers. Until then I am sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. PlunderingYouDaily

    Reported [TWX-12404] Hotkey Presets 1-9 Bug

    Thank you for your information. I have personally have gone over this issue. For HOTKEY F to work you must have the target village highlighted first (only time mouse is needed(unless you have touch screen) After that 1-9 will work. When entering Barracks or Market ALWAYS make sure the village...
  11. PlunderingYouDaily

    Update 1.17 Discussion Thread

    Well in short, we cant always find every little glitch. It's not until the patch is released that you the players help inform us on the issues. plus this allows us to test new features and get feedback. If we waited MONTHS to release a "bug free" patch would make more people upset.
  12. PlunderingYouDaily

    Reported Can not set presets on ios

    I have noticed a lot of repeated tickets in this issue. to save us all time. It is currently known to the developers and will be fixed in a timely manner. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you can log into a desktop/laptop on you will be able to set presets! Once...