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  1. Revedge

    Tribe Size

    We hear what people are saying about the tribe size being to big, the fact is the size is part of the base coding and would require to much of a rewrite to change the size. That being said there is no rule preventing the world from agreeing on a set tribe size and everyone agreeing to it. What...
  2. Revedge

    You know your in trouble when your Paladin (?????)

    You know your in trouble when your paladin (dies of beer poisoning at the last village you conquered.)
  3. Revedge

    The Ranger (added ability)

    The Ranger as he stands today will stop an attack if we will loose the battle. What we added one more feature, this would stop the noble from attacking a village you have already nobbled?
  4. Revedge

    Village Information Icon

    Hey good morning, we have an issue with Android 4.1, when you click the information icon on any village it cycles but does not open the information page, this issue has been recreated on my android as well as the players who has submitted the ticket.
  5. Revedge

    World Time

    It would be nice to have a world time that way east coast west coast and all in the middle can coordinate their actions, much like the military Zulu time keeper.
  6. Revedge

    Shared Troop Provisions

    When we send troops to a tribe mates village to support/protect them or to one of our own, the hosting village should take up some of the burden for the troops provisions expenses. This could be a percentage for each head or a flat cost, or the longer the troops stay at a village the larger the...