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  1. World Pretty Much Over?

    Hello, I played a few years ago back from like US2-US9, and back then there were thousands of players on and worlds took many months due to so many different players and many different quality tribes. I joined this world to refresh old memories and to have fun, and I noticed there is only 1...
  2. Top 5 Maps

    I swear to god these tribe names keep getting more ridiculous. HI and BYE?
  3. Star Wars!!

    I know this might be necro posting or whatever but Force Awakens was literally a reskinned version of A New Hope, and no one else sees this.
  4. The Luminus Imperium Recruitment

    Let TLI die already.
  5. World Clock

    I don't even play this game anymore and I think they should add this.
  6. Tribe level problem

    Nice picture, and support would probably give you a much faster answer.
  7. Tribe Domination - Igreja de Sao Roque

    Jpex you have played long enough to know that IMP pretty much won :)
  8. looking for serious tribe

    Almost every single tribe on these new worlds have chosen that route :(
  9. looking for serious tribe

    Number 1 in points :P Ye I am a great offensive planner guy and founder of the real number 1 tribe on US9, TFR. Go check us out :P
  10. TFR vs IMP

    Yea I had an IMP member message me what brought me to the tribe :D Then he asked for a history lesson between the two tribes, I gave it to him, then he asked one more question. "Also, who is the Harry Johnson guy, no one talks about him and he was apparently hated more than the great TFR itself"...
  11. TFR vs IMP

    Coming from the founder of TFR, we tried to actually work something out...oh well :p Also, hello!
  12. W7 Top alliances & Maps

    Idk but from the reports I have seen mario is ezpz I never thought WTF/DCS would ever be Good job guys!
  13. W7 Top alliances & Maps

    I knew that, where were you? :p
  14. ?

    Actually, WTF is everyone, not Pain Indi Assets. I guess you became a liability.
  15. TFR vs IMP

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure IMP threw the first sabos haha. Also, you have 100k more DBP than OBP. 'Nuff said.
  16. W7 Top alliances & Maps

    Can we get a map of all top 5 or something?
  17. TFR vs IMP

    All you have to do is look at the past month or two and tw2 tools, and even in-game leaderboards to see what is what. They have been slaughtering you guys from day 1.
  18. TFR vs IMP

    So...IMP I guess?
  19. TFR vs IMP

    I am betting on Exiles..they were here almost from start!