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  1. Kane


    That would be each and welcome back.
  2. Kane


    reuscher, you're one of the good ones.
  3. Kane


    All this hate towards Motown for crowning... Yet I was the one that MOL'd that fist barb for him.
  4. Kane

    Declare a win for WIN

    I did get my prize, but I'm still waiting for my name to appear on that fancy hall of fame list.
  5. Kane

    Trash Talk etc

    Bashpoints? What does Motown think this is, a dom world or something?
  6. Kane

    Declare a win for WIN

    More specifically, WIN is at 2,054 vp and rising. It's time to do the thing.
  7. Kane

    Open for a day

    Sounds like you're looking for some kind of treb competitions, like 1st to 500 or French Precision.
  8. Kane

    Olavinlinna Realm Competitions

    I know I might regret asking this, but are you sure this is a VP world? The race and ongoing challenge scream DOM.
  9. Kane

    Olavinlinna Realm Competitions

    Could it be? The Legendary DOM/VP World?
  10. Kane

    Release 1.93 Discussion

    I've always said this game is great, but it would be better without villages.
  11. Kane

    2000 VP

    2000 VP has been reached. Kiki, do the thing!
  12. Kane

    2000 VP

    Good job OSK for reaching our goal. Also, good job Kiki for acting in a timely manner.
  13. Kane

    VP or Domination

    Let me tell you a story: Once upon a time NO! The end.
  14. Kane


    I play vp worlds. I just care less when I do.
  15. Kane


    *Looks at GRD's victory points* Congratulations… You're almost half-way there.
  16. Kane

    yay new world

    My money (well... not my literal money) is on INO.
  17. Kane

    Bergenhus (US28) Update Center! TOP 3 MAP! // ANALYSIS

    So, any new updates, or are we going to pretend LIT doesn't have over 2,100 victory points?
  18. Kane

    Is this really fun?

    Well, the maximum amount of members that can be in a tribe is 200, sooo... count your blessings? One of these days, I'd like to get a 20 player tribe going in a (non vp) world. All of the tribe points going to everything except member limit. A group of players that.. I'm rambling.
  19. Kane

    Deva Information

    Well, it won't be tomorrow at 5:00am EST. They... learned not to do that.
  20. Kane

    January Event

    nvm, problem resolved. Got my 12 nobles.