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  1. abernon

    Abuse of Crowns to conquer cities

    I'm not one to typically complain, but there was a 600 point village in a province of mine last night. A player conquered it to get a chapel in there (no problem). They had nukes timed to land after chapel (no problem). But they then used crowns to go from 600 points to 1923 (bought up to...
  2. abernon

    Remnant vs the UPC brotherhood

    Yes, it has begun - the war to dwarf all wars before it. Not only is it UPC vs RMT, but it is UPC vs RMT vs TFE. The three biggest tribes, taking up almost the entire map between them, are now in a dance that will very likely decide the victor of this world. Fighting has already begun, as UPC...
  3. abernon

    Top 10 Tribe Power Rankings

    Now, we aren't talking who has the top 10 in points. We are talking about who we think the top 10 BEST tribes are. I'll go first. 1. The Luminous Imperium: Not much to say other than that they seem to have dibs on all the elite players. 2. The Triads: Not as many members as some, but lots of...