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  1. PlunderingYouDaily

    The Anticipation!

    I am excited to see TW2 growing and see another world open on US. I will also be a MOD for this world. If anyone has question/comment or just wanna shoot the wind. Feel free to message me. GLHF
  2. PlunderingYouDaily

    Reported Can not set presets on ios

    I have noticed a lot of repeated tickets in this issue. to save us all time. It is currently known to the developers and will be fixed in a timely manner. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you can log into a desktop/laptop on you will be able to set presets! Once...
  3. PlunderingYouDaily

    troop control

    I understand when i send someone else support they can't use them to attack. When i send MY OWN villages support I should be able to have control of them as an attack force. ex: village 1 sends villages 2; 10 axe, 100 swords, 100 mounted archers, 37 LC Now village 2 can take said troops...