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  1. Domination reached by THC!

    Not me I didnt win this world. You sound just like cap though. But he wouldnt be so un specific about what we should do and how to Express it. It's like arguing with a lawyer who has spats of childish ignorance. Now, he usually deletes my posts if he feels they antagonize him in anyway so these...
  2. Domination reached by THC!

    Yeah this is a special server where special secret rules are put into place and executed. Has been from the start. Cap can do whatever he wants. That's the only precedent. Let him clean up this absolute dumpster fire he started on his first go. Then everyone can being to forget about this. Stop...
  3. Domination reached by THC!

    You heard it here first ladies, college boy is a scripter. Why I never
  4. Olavinlinna Realm Competitions

    Stop mass messaging and harassing me or cap will ban you
  5. Victory Conditions

    Victory conditions should be rolled back a bit. VP worlds were set at 2k vp points when the servers were four times the size they are now. They should be set at 500 points now. Maybe 800 if 500 scares you. In any case they need to be drastically reduced. VP worlds, in effect, are dom worlds that...
  6. Kark des Chevaliers Special Challenge

    You gonna let him talk to like that sly?
  7. Olavinlinna Realm Competitions

    Whoops. Figured they would put that kind of info here.
  8. Lets Make the Forums Great Again

    Damn thses pricks dont delete anything do they
  9. Olavinlinna Realm Competitions

    Were you gonna tell anyone if it's a dom or vp world or are we gonna wait to see which victory condition ends the world?
  10. Lets Make the Forums Great Again

    It's for a just incase senario where after 29 days of not upgrading a single villa a guy comes back and buys 6k crowns
  11. Navardun

    Nah we broke up I couldn't take his thicc willie anymore. Who the heck are you btw?
  12. Rampant Cheating allowed in this Game?!?

    Mastercard would just allow anyone to get one if their cards regardless of their credit in a desperate attempt to compete. At the same time they would sign non compete agreements with all other competitors and later try to merge with them. At the end of the year Visas balance sheet would be way...
  13. Navardun

    Thanks captain, always good to see people publicly explaining if something doesnt go right then you should be mad at someone else. Appreciate you making the forum you get paid to make, even if it was several days late.
  14. Automated Farming Could Save This Game

    Fixing farming cant include changes to the game because inno wont change it. Want it with all your heart it ain't gonna happen. This game is pretty much exactly the same since the very first server. The only meaningful changes were tribe levels and relocating troops from different villas. Theres...
  15. K World TV News

    El Salesman Guide To Having Cake And Eatting It Too. Give walmart money. Divide batter into three equal parts. Nah better make one part smaller. Fight war against world. Obtain fair and balanced reporting. Completely stop world dead in tracks. Stop and listen to hate. Add more hate to taste...
  16. K World TV News

    THC be like, hold my beer 11a
  17. Lack of competition

    carnage talking crap on vp worlds. hilarious
  18. K World TV News

    All the best players(and phobos) get banned and most people are still talking about what a d bag slaughter is. Haha. I love it
  19. K World TV News

    Why is ramdomname attacking you I wonder
  20. K World TV News

    Honestly rnd sucks from top to bottom. Haven't seen any of them any good. Cant nuke, cant coordinate, dont spy. Stupid troop builds... getting gold at this game just makes you disappointed in the skill level of the "best" players.