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  1. Domination reached by THC!

    Nice job THC. RND sucked haha
  2. Catting Your Own Church

    Yes you can but its not really worth it because it requires like 600 cats. Better to just noble your city yourself
  3. Power Ranking and Predictions

    Congratz on the win GOD. nicely played
  4. Power Ranking and Predictions

    lol what?
  5. Power Ranking and Predictions

    True I coop the whole tribe :):p
  6. Power Ranking and Predictions

    lol stop crying noobs and try to win the world
  7. Power Ranking and Predictions

    lmao 2 the Max is legit on all the fronts. Must be hard defending and attacking
  8. MWorld Monthly Competition - JULY

    Dont need to post it.. just need to find out how many obp he gained from his attack
  9. MWorld Monthly Competition - JULY

    Can't you see the result of the fight as a mod?
  10. Reported cant farm

    Well now every time I double tap to farm on mobile my game crashes. Thanks for everything Captc but your devs are trash
  11. Reported cant farm

    ye I saw that too.. thanks captc its a victory point world no?
  12. Power Ranking and Predictions

    I agree with Howard.. its better to join WIN so our boy Howard over here can take his squad and screw over WIN by joining another tribe. lul. Replace GOD with howardrawr and thats what happened in k world
  13. Reported cant farm

    I was thinking about joining a world again.. Is this bug fixed or not? I won't bother if its not
  14. K World TV News

    gotta need another map soon
  15. K World TV News

    Shootout to the RND players that didnt lift a finger to help their tribe for weeks while they stay in the rim saving themselves. You're not the saving grace of RND colgash, you are exactly what was wrong with the tribe. Instead of going to the core to help your teammates, you stayed far from the...
  16. K World TV News

  17. K World TV News

    I have other things to do in summer than manage 40 villages. World is done and RND will lose in a couple weeks. Makes me smile that all the rats will lose the world
  18. Power Ranking and Predictions

    maybe two or three are really good, but its mostly decent players and few huge coiners. God has better players all around what they could do is merge the best players of WIN and USA together, and throw the decent players in USA and there you go.. keep the competition and become a contender...
  19. Power Ranking and Predictions

    So why exactly is WIN targeted by everyone? Their players kinda suck.. did they insult everyone or something? And I could see a merge between USA and WIN to be a top contender too
  20. World chat

    Anyway XxCarnagexX will jump ship when things get tough, then switch name for another world. Rinse and repeat