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  1. KingEvo


    Looking for whoever does the maps
  2. KingEvo

    Top 5 Map

    I know the world is new but this is for map purposes
  3. KingEvo

    looking for serious tribe

    whats up fellas serious player haven't been on tw2 much but I'm looking for a serious group going into this world I have kakao as well i came from a game called valor with the same concept as taking cities. anyone have any openings. second world i got to 100 cities and had a family emergency...
  4. KingEvo

    May I suggest a game clock

    i believe it would be best to implement a world clock so that everyone can say what time they will attack and land or whatever and everyone in the world can relate to the world clock. This would also be an advantage to people so that they don't have to give out their time zones and just say...
  5. KingEvo

    Hate the point difference!!!!!!

    ok I have just started playing this game but I have played others like it. I am a extremely active player and love to get and take lots of cities. The only part of the game that I do not like is the fact that if I attack a player with 2k points who isn't really that active with my 5k point city...