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  1. Tokano

    [Contest] Paladin Competition

    Hello Tribal Warriors, This competition is for the writers of our community. For this competition I will need for you to write about your one and only Paladin. Who is he? What has he done for you and your army? Has he plundered cities? Has he died valiantly in battle? Has he boosted the morale...
  2. Tokano

    Happy 30,000 Forum Posts

    We did it, guys! 30,000 forum posts! :eek:o_O I would have used party emoji's for this post, but apparently the forums don't recognize any emoji's that aren't in the list. Let's get 30,000 more. ;)
  3. Tokano


    I'm looking for an official answer on scripts. Is there a blanket ban on all scripts or just ones that animate game play or imitate premium features? All I am looking to do is write a simple script that would pull my own account information. For example, I want to be able to pull the text from...
  4. Tokano

    Server Time

    With the new server time available to us, I decided to make a spreadsheet showing why Zulu time for the United States is a peculiar decision to make. If at all possible, I would like to suggest that the server time is changed to Mountain Standard Time and the clock is changed from a 12 hour...
  5. Tokano

    Pokemon Go!

    So, it's no secret to anyone on US16 that I spend more time looking for Pokemon than I do actually looking after my account, so I thought it would be fun to get a Pokemon Go thread started and see where it leads us. This is a screenshot I took last night of my Pokemon.
  6. Tokano

    Top 5 Tribes

    I know it's been less than a day, things will change rapidly, and it's way too early for predictions but I just thought it was interesting to see how small the world is right now. This is zoomed in all the way to 10. 532 Players never looked so small. :P
  7. Tokano

    You Had One Job

    You wanna talk about it, SOF? You okay, buddy..?
  8. Tokano

    Reported [TWX-12295] Contact List

    Hey everyone, We have been able to confirm and replicate a bug in the messaging system where you were unable to send a message to someone if you pulled their name from your contacts list. Now the developers are aware and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a quick fix.
  9. Tokano

    Connection Issues

    Hello everyone, There is currently a known issue with players having connections issues. The development team is already aware of the issue and I'm hoping they will be able to fix it ASAP.
  10. Tokano

    Second Village Compensation

    Good morning, Tribal Warriors. I am happy to finally announce that everyone who did not spend crowns on their second village and has not been compensated will be compensated sometime this week (or so that is the plan). There is a list of players who had their second villages removed and that is...
  11. Tokano

    Android Troubleshooting

    Hello everybody, There has been an influx of tickets lately for the mobile application version of Tribal Wars 2. As I am a Sprint Certified Electronics Technician (I suppose you all know where I work now), I thought it would be nice if I put up a small guide to help stem the tide of tickets...
  12. Tokano

    Drachenfels Forum BB Code

    I'm pleased to tell you all that the BB code on this forum has been fixed! We can finally start sharing those Top 10 Tribes maps, quote each other, and post our favorite cat pictures.
  13. Tokano

    Resource Shipments

    As scripts in Tribal Wars 2 are illegal and I would hate to see someone breaking the rules trying to make life easier for themselves, I would like to suggest a new feature for moving resources around. In Tribal Wars 1, there was a script that would allow you to set one of your villages as a big...
  14. Tokano

    Breaking News!

    J Lord (left) looking to the rim in search of more bad players to join Omerta.
  15. Tokano

    Top 10 Tribes Map

  16. Tokano

    Groundbreaking Idea

    With the recent failed launch of 1.9, the poorly executed launch of 1.8, and the horrible excuse 1.7 turned out to be; it's given me a lot to complain about to my friends in the game. Then, as I was complaining, it hit me. This all new groundbreaking idea that should prevent catastrophes like...
  17. Tokano

    Block Player Button?

    Without going through all the suggestions here because I am too lazy... Can I suggest that we get a "Block Player" button? I am sure we have all seen and heard the insane ramblings of certain players *cough* Illuminati *cough* and we would all like to be able to block players we don't get along...