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    TW2-tools Survey

    Greetings Tribal Warriors! The site is closing down in December. This site has been 100% paid for and run by a private party for 4 years and Inno refuses to allow him to monetize it, nor will they help do anything to save it. They clearly do not understand the impact this will...
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    Greetings Fellow Warriors! Since DaBahamallama is busy keeping everyone up to date on the goings on in Frankenstein.. I thought I would take it upon myself to narrate the weekly updates here on Histria :D Stay tuned for honest, unbiased-ish and mildy hilarious commentary as this world unfolds...
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    F world Trashtalk!

    It's called F "world" trash talk... not F word. Let's keep it clean ladies
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    My Favorite Farm

    Have a favorite farm on F world? Share it here! Here is mine...
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    Diplomatic Penalties

    It's no secret at this point that the massive amount of diplomacy and "hugging" going on in tw2 has pretty much ruined all the strategic aspects of the game. Too many players/tribes find it easier to Ally/NAP with everyone rather than fight out of fear of losing their villages. They are able to...
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    Show me the crowns!

    So we all know that the winners of each server get rewarded with a WHOPPING 200 crowns, along with the rewards given to the top 3 finishers etc. However I am being told from players who just won Kronborg that they have still not received anything. And that server has been closed now for roughly...