1. Battle Equations

    So everyone knows the basics of battle (swords good against axes, spears good against lc, etc.) But I've been trying to find more specifically what the equations are for how battles are played out, but with no luck on this really old thread which only gives one example and doesnt work for...
  2. Report hiding

    When you chose to hide your incoming reports you can easily lose important information. The reason it is important to hide reports is so that players with thousands of attacks a day don't get overwhelmed, but if you cant see the important reports then it becomes irrelevant. Example: You hide all...
  3. Improved Attack Reports

    At the bottom of each attack report there are three action icons. The one with the crossed axes needs to have its action changed. When it is clicked on, the screen should be centered on the attacking villa and it should be made active. Then the troop selection can be displayed and EASILY repeated.