1. CaptC

    Holiday Pot Luck

    Greetings, Tribal Warriors! One of the more popular traditions around the holidays are pot luck dinners, where everyone brings their favorite dish to the feast. In the holiday mood, please post a recipe of your favorite holiday treat! It can be from any course: appetizers, party munchies, main...
  2. CaptC

    Olavinlinna Realm Competitions

    Greetings, Tribal Warriors! Welcome to Olavinlinna, a Victory Point world! We are running two exciting competitions on Olavinlinna: One on-going challenge and one race! Compete to win the prizes! Ongoing challenge: We will have monthly prizes throughout the duration of the world, of...
  3. Crown transfer

    I know Inno is a little greedy but there really needs to be a way to transfer crowns from one user account to another. This is a feature in TW1 so there is really no reason this is not a feature on TW2 aside from being greedy
  4. CaptC

    St. Patrick's Day Limerick Contest

    Hello Tribal Warriors, St. Patrick's Day is upon us! In honor of this most Irish of days, write a limerick containing references to Tribal Wars 2! You can rhyme about the game, make friendly digs at fellow players, relate an anecdote from your play, or praise our own fair Gwendoline (shown...
  5. AaccidentalAardvark


    Before I start, I know this idea has already been suggested and shot down. I am adding my voice to the ones in favor, and pointing out the issues I saw in the now closed suggestion thread about it. There should be, occasionally, a non-crown world. I would also like to see a non-Tribe Skill...