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  1. Suggestion Hope you notice

    hi there I`ve been playing Tribal wars for a very long time TW1-TW2 just a suggestion we should have a 1 time used of relocation scroll especially if there is a new player and her tribe that can protect her is far away from her location ( example scenario it always happen that if the new player...
  2. Where is everyone

    This thread is quiet, too quiet. Where is everyone? Where is the top 5 tribes, where are the players insulting each other, where are the tribes that are recruiting? I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. No one is trash talking anyone. Usually, there are more people on a world's thread...
  3. Raiders

    We are the Raiders. We are a small group players who wish to play fairly, at least among tribe members, to grow our Tribe and fight the good fight, all the way to the top. We are looking for active, daily players who play well with others, are willing to communicate with tribe members and...