1. guny


    Some things I think should be changed with the messaging system: 1. When a tribe opens a tribe wide msg chat make it so more than one person can add or remove people. It ends up that players are kicked, leave or go inactive and new chats need to be made. 2. Make it so 2 or more tribes can be...
  2. craftscrazy

    Limit 20 Players and 1 Tribe

    I just got this error message. I am trying to coordinate ops between my tribe and two allies in my local area. We need more than 20 players added. This rule makes it difficult to work together with tribemates and allies. It's a bad rule.
  3. Confirmed Message Thread - Unable to Remove Members

    After the problem with attendees was corrected a new issue has surfaced. I am unable to remove members from threads I have created. I noticed this on a tribe wide message on US6. Because a tribe member defected to an enemy I then went to remove him and was unable to, the trash can button is...