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  1. Coplay Mobile Alerts

    I would like to see alerts for coplays similar to what I get on my villages.
  2. App Notification Information

    Suggestion for mobile version: Currently for the app (at least iOS), the alert for various notifications include "Building upgraded", "Alarm!", "New Message", etc. This system would be much more efficient if more information was given. Minimally, adding what world the event happened on would be...
  3. Coop on Mobile (Android)

    So how does one accept or change to a Coop'd account on a Mobile device? I don't see anything under settings or logout to move around...
  4. Reviving troop from Hospital

    I did a search and couldn't find anything. On my Android, I can't seem to ever revive troops from the Hospital, they are always empty even though I have reports showing there should be troops there and can see the troops there when on a PC. How do you revive troops from the Hospital off a...