1. Report hiding

    When you chose to hide your incoming reports you can easily lose important information. The reason it is important to hide reports is so that players with thousands of attacks a day don't get overwhelmed, but if you cant see the important reports then it becomes irrelevant. Example: You hide all...
  2. Answered Several Questions

    Hi, I'm a noob to tribal wars although not to MMORTS. Had a few questions: 1) Approximately how hard is it to take out a wall? How many rams would it take to completely demolish one in one go? 2) Do the walls of a city need to be completely demolished for a noble to conquer it? 3) Can...
  3. Nobles and villages

    Quick question. If i have 3 nobles and I take over 3 villages. I'll now have 3 new villages and 0 nobles left. Now if somebody comes and takes over one of my villages, do i get refunded the 'use' of the noble and am able to train another one without having to make coins? Thanks
  4. Unable to recruit noble

    i have enough coins and resources for a noble but unable to recruit. Contacted support