1. Report hiding

    When you chose to hide your incoming reports you can easily lose important information. The reason it is important to hide reports is so that players with thousands of attacks a day don't get overwhelmed, but if you cant see the important reports then it becomes irrelevant. Example: You hide all...
  2. Tokano

    You Had One Job

    You wanna talk about it, SOF? You okay, buddy..?
  3. Noble Planner

    So forgive me if this is a repeated post (I scoured the us forums and was shocked to not find a post), but I think a noble planner should be a high priority item. Idea: An in-game feature that allows you to claim villages such that your tribe can see who's claimed what. It would not affect game...
  4. Resources and Nobles

    Provisions are produced by the farm, therefore they should be represented by a sheath of wheat rather than a man. Provisions are used up in the support of troops, nobles and citizenry. As long as you have the troops and the building levels maintained the provisions are used. If troops are...